Leading Pastors Discuss Dangers of 'Celebrity Culture' in Church, How Body of Christ Should Respond

In interviews with The Christian Post, three well-known pastors discuss the dangers of "celebrity culture" within the Church and how the Body of Christ should address this relatively new phenomenon.


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Money Troubles? Stop Worrying About It!


It's characteristic of people who don't know God to be anxious about money and all the problems that arise when it's running short. God is not uncaring, capricious, or unpredictable. He loves his children better than we love our own.


4 Frustrating Things Christians Do

I have a few frustrating things that I wish I was clever enough to put into rhyme, so that they would hook into the memory of Christians. This is because remembering these few things could help the cause of the gospel.


Don't Trash the Bible


Many in this sinful world will tell you that the Scriptures are filled with unscientific statements, mistakes, contradictions, and atrocities. But if you believe them and trash the Bible, you will shred the directions on how to find everlasting life.

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Christian Group Friend Ships Gives Love, Aid to Desperate Syrians


I learned that Don Tipton founded Friend Ships. Previously his lifestyle included hanging out with famous stars in Beverly Hills and he lived next door to former President Ronald Reagan. He radically changed direction when his Christian faith became the bedrock of his life. In 1985, the charity acquired a ship, outfitted it and now for decades a small fleet of Friend Ships has served the poor in nations worldwide.


Are We Loving All Our Neighbors?


We all engage with people of other faiths and worldviews--the real question is whether or not we're doing a good or bad job being a witness to Christ. Engaging badly and leaving a bad taste in someone's mouth about Christ is not what Jesus calls us to. Not engaging with people of other faiths at all...is also engaging badly.


Love All Neighbors: It's the Way to End Homelessness


National headlines about Orange County's homeless situation has caused many within our community to lose hope for a real solution and give up. But if our decorated veterans – our most honored citizens – and people with disabilities – our most vulnerable – are left to fend for themselves without a home and hope, what does that say about us?


Is It Nazi-Like to Be a Nationalist?

Should "nationalism" be encouraged? Is it simply a matter of putting your own country's interests first and of saying "no" to an unhealthy globalism? Or is it a path to xenophobia, following in the footsteps of the Nazis? Or, perhaps, is it simply a matter of perception, the word "nationalist" meaning one thing to one group and something entirely different to another group?


Without This, You Cannot Evangelize

Once you truly know the Lord, you will be horrified that millions of human beings just like you and me will end up in Hell if they die in their sins. So, you will live to share your faith—to share the gospel with the dying world that surrounds you.


How Churches Should Engage With the Political Sphere


With every election cycle, churches, their leaders, and congregants, face the same questions: Where do we fit into this debate? What positions should we take on the issues before us? What is our responsibility to our society? What are the limits of our engagement?


Pastors, Do You Exercise?

In our vocation, there seems to be a major disconnect among us regarding the importance of our physical condition. Have you ever considered that you are unable to go where your body and health cannot take you? It is not my intention to create guilt, but motivation.