Chuck Bentley

CP Guest Contributor

Ask Chuck: Repurposing vs. Retiring

I have friends who retired a few years ago. Several are thriving while others seem to wish they were back at the careers they left behind. I thought retirement was supposed to be the best years of our life. I am trying to determine: a) should I retire and b) when? Any thoughts?

Ask Chuck: Subprime Loans

My husband and I would love to buy a home before our second child is born next spring. We are seriously considering a subprime loan since we don't have a down payment. We've been told that renting is like throwing money away every month. What are your thoughts?

Should Christians Invest in Cannabis?

There is a lot of talk lately about the potential profits to be earned by investing in cannabis (marijuana) opportunities. Personally, I think it is wrong, though some of my Christian friends see it as an appropriate way to invest

How Much Should We Tithe?

My wife and I do not agree on giving. In fact, we've had a few heated arguments over the matter. She says we need to give 10% of our income. I don't know where we could come up with that much. We give every month, but it varies in amount, depending on what we have available after I've paid our bills.

A Biblical Case for Saving Money

My wife and I hope to be able to retire when I turn 65. We've made plans and dreamed about the time we would invest in our grandchildren's lives and the joy of taking mission trips together. But, the closer I get to 65 (2 years away) I realize I just haven't saved enough money.

Ask Chuck: The Truth About Debt

My husband and I are just got married and are realizing the severity of our debt problems. We both just graduated with student loans, car loans, and some credit card debt.

Ask Chuck: Lessons on Contentment From President Jimmy Carter

I was struck by the example of former President Jimmy Carter when I read that he lives in a modest home and has a frugal lifestyle. I think I would have a hard time living beneath my means if I had been President of the United States! It seems he is extremely content with what he has. What advice would you give someone looking for the same?

Filling a Void With Material Things

Amazon Prime day just recently took place and I found lots of great deals. While big sales like this can be great for saving us money, I actually was saddened by the number of people I saw trying to fill a void with stuff.

How to Be Financially Prepared for a Surprise Pregnancy

My husband and I just got married 4 months ago and got pregnant pretty quickly after our wedding. While we are so excited about becoming parents, the pregnancy was unexpected and now we are trying to build our financial lives together and prepare for a child. Any advice on how to save fast and what to prioritize during this season?

Does Buying American Really Matter?

I've been wondering lately what the balance is between being a good citizen and a good steward. I want to be a good citizen and buy American-made products. But I also want to be a good steward and find the lowest cost for products.

Ask Chuck: The Power of Humble Generosity

There are many stories of generous people living quiet lifestyles and leaving millions to a cause close to them. There are even greater examples that God give us in the Bible to follow. All of these examples have something in common. The givers lived modestly, sometimes in poverty.