Ray Comfort

4 Frustrating Things Christians Do

I have a few frustrating things that I wish I was clever enough to put into rhyme, so that they would hook into the memory of Christians. This is because remembering these few things could help the cause of the gospel.

Don't Trash the Bible

Many in this sinful world will tell you that the Scriptures are filled with unscientific statements, mistakes, contradictions, and atrocities. But if you believe them and trash the Bible, you will shred the directions on how to find everlasting life.

Without This, You Cannot Evangelize

Once you truly know the Lord, you will be horrified that millions of human beings just like you and me will end up in Hell if they die in their sins. So, you will live to share your faith—to share the gospel with the dying world that surrounds you.

Sin's Multiple Betrayal

Judas traveled with Jesus during what are often called the "years of popularity." Judas witnessed the miracles. He was there when the fish were multiplied, when the storm was stilled, and when four-days-dead Lazarus came forth from the grave. He heard the gracious words come from the mouth of the Son of God, yet he betrayed Him.

No One Knows the Future

We can never go back in time. Not for a second. The past is gone forever. Nor can we know what's going to happen in the future. We only have now. Even weather forecasters don't know what tomorrow will bring.

How to Live a Long Life

I know a number of people whose life's motto is that everyone out there is trying to either rob or kill them. Years ago, I would have laughed it off as paranoia. But nowadays I think it's somewhat justified.

Furious Man Rants About Pedophile Priests

Recently, a very angry man took out his frustrations on me because of pedophile priests in the Roman Catholic Church. I don't blame him for being angry. His language would curl your ear hair, but I certainly felt his pain.

Why Does God Allow Suffering?

Iconic Hollywood actress Shirley MacLaine caused outrage when she once asked if the Nazi Holocaust victims suffered because of their sins in past lives. "Karma" seems to give a reason as to why God allows or even sanctions suffering.

The Fleeing Philistines

The world puts all of their eggs in one basket when it comes to their salvation. They champion self-righteousness and make no provision for its failure to justify them on Judgment Day.

Hollywood's Sexual Predators

Sexual abuse, like STDs, is one of the negative consequences in a society that has thrown off moral restraint. If anything goes, then there are no real boundaries, and so we have to live with the consequences.