Wallace Henley

CP Exclusive

How Churches Should Engage With the Political Sphere

With every election cycle, churches, their leaders, and congregants, face the same questions: Where do we fit into this debate? What positions should we take on the issues before us? What is our responsibility to our society? What are the limits of our engagement?

The Illusion and Peril of a Borderless World

Secular progressivism, in the spirit of the Babel-builders, wants a utopia on human terms. They quest for nothing less than the restoration of Paradise, but without God. Few things show this as graphically as the illusion for a borderless world that has gripped so many left-progressives.

Perils of the Virtualist Age

Now, say many cultural observers, we are in the post-Postmodern period. But what do we call it? I suggest The Age of Virtualism. We have virtual identities in the form of avatars, or even "appropriated" ethnicity. We have virtual church.

The Root of Bitterness Endangers America

The current political tone and the debate over "civility" demonstrate that the "root" is growing rapidly in America, and is being nurtured by many important voices who douse the socio-cultural-political landscape with vitriol.

Where Are the Grown-Ups?

The Kavanaugh hearings and their tattle-tale antics, the various hash-tag movements, the growing passion for the nanny state, the adolescent lasciviousness of leaders in institutional and corporate life—sadly the church included—and childish, tongue-waving, na-na-na-na-na tweets, even from the president of the United States, provoke a question: Where are the grown-ups?

High Alert: A New Season of Spiritual Warfare

It's time to take seriously Simon Peter's Holy Spirit-given words: "Be of sober spirit, be on the alert. Your adversary, the devil, prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour." It's time to understand that the Revelation is not a comic book.

It's Time for 'Wow!'

The age of "Why?" and "How?" is upon us. "Why?" is so often the question of theodicy, the doctrine of evil: "Why, if God is loving, and good, and kind would this bad thing happen to me/us/them?"

Ambiguity and Ambivalence: The New Cool

Ambivalence and ambiguity seem to be the new cool in some facets of Christianity. Perhaps it is only in the safe sanctuaries of sensate western culture that notable evangelicals can dally with doubt and ambiguity regarding the Bible, when they should be declaring boldly, "Thus saith the Lord!"

Romans 13 and the Right of Revolution

As the United States readies to celebrate its independence on July 4, a thorny question arises: Does the Bible really grant nations—especially those once labeled "Christian"—the right of revolution, or do the Scriptures forbid it?

America: Christian or Not?

Is America a Christian Nation? That's a conversation going on currently in Dallas, Texas, once a "Vatican" of the Evangelical Bible Belt, home of the Baptist General Convention of Texas and other denominations, headquarters city for many large Christian ministries, and location of several of the nation's largest churches.

A Korea Vision

To comprehend what North Korea's future could look like, all Kim needs do is contemplate South Korea. Theologian and Korea expert Kirsteen Kim says that "the economic boom of the country could never be explained completely apart from the religious influence coming from Christianity."

The Spiritual Lessons of D-Day

The aim of the powers of darkness is the exact opposite of everything for which the Kingdom of God stands. Instead of righteousness-justice, the enemy of God and His creation seeks evil and injustice.

Tammie Jo Shults: A Fresh Breeze

Into the fetid air of the great dismal that is today's selfie-celebrity cultural swamp comes the fresh breeze of a Tammie Jo Shults. Shults is a living example of the "remnant" described in both the Old and New Testaments. These are people of open, unwavering faith in God and His word expressed in the Bible, deeply committed to Christ, driven by a Holy Spirit-empowered passion that all people would know His love