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  • Seeking family reconciliation this holiday season

    I am going home to have Thanksgiving with family I haven’t seen in years. Before I met Christ, I squandered money and relationships. I’m worried about how to relate to my family again.

  • 14 keys to writing a winning resume

    An estimated 80% of resumes we see do not effectively showcase the candidate’s skills and experience and are not targeted for the job that applicant is pursuing. 

  • Financing fixer upper fever

    With the impact of the wildly popular TV program, Fixer Upper, many people are looking to make significant improvements to their home.

  • When should I buy a new car?

    I want to replace my mother’s clunker and am considering financing a new one. What would you do?

  • 4 steps to prepare for a recession

    Of course a recession is coming! They are inevitable; we just don’t know when or if we will even be here to experience it.

  • Should I tithe on my retirement accounts?

    I’ve been socking away money in a 401(k) account for years. I want to tithe on any money I withdraw. What is the rule for tithing on retirement accounts?

  • How to save and give on a budget

    Giving is a problem for me. I’m playing catch-up for retirement and fear that giving will prevent my having enough for the future. How can I balance my desire to give with my need to be saving more?

  • The freedom of living in financial truth

    I was constantly amazed at the disconnect between how people looked like they were doing financially and how they were actually doing. Very often, they were driving nice cars and wearing nice clothes. Most were deeply in debt.

  • The secret to a secure future

    Many live in fear of their financial future but deny it and continue to silently struggle.