for KING & COUNTRY Join Wives and Encourage Married Couples to Last With Song 'Pioneers' (Video)

(Screenshot: YouTube)for KING & COUNTRY and their wives Moriah and Courtney on set of "Pioneers" music video, 2018.

Two-time Grammy award-winning duo for KING & COUNTRY released their newest single, "Pioneers" on Friday, a song featuring their wives in which the lyrics hope to inspire other married couples to "carry on."

The single was released along with the announcement date of their new album, Burn the Ships which will be out Oct. 5. The duo revealed they will put out one song a month leading up to the album drop and they decided to start with the final song on the album, "Pioneers."

For the video, brothers Joel, Luke, and their wives Moriah and Courtney are seen walking in the Icelandic countryside while they sing about some of the challenges faced in marriage.

"There's a song that we sang on our honeymoon / I remember all the words but forgot the tune / Why are we out of tune? / Let's forgive and let's forgive again / I'm reaching out to my sweetest friend / Can we start again?" some of the lyrics read.

The chorus of the tune is a plea to be "pioneers" in marriage, possibly because of the staggering statistic that 50 percent of marriages end in divorce. However, for KING & COUNTRY hope to change the narrative.

The video shows both couples singing to each other with the stunning picturesque backdrop of Iceland. The description of the video on YouTube says the scenery is suppose to show "what it means to carry on within a seemingly desolate and volcanic framework."

"It's a rare gift to get to sing with my wife, let alone on a song so personal and in a place so beautiful," Joel said on Instagram of his wife of five years.

Adding, "She's brave enough to stand up to fear, she's strong enough to share when she feels weak, and all the while - kind enough to love me where I am, with my faults and flaws ... she's my real life Wonder Woman. And I'm so proud to have had the chance for her to sing on our new song #pioneers, and to capture this video together in #iceland."

Luke and Courtney have been married for eight years, have three children together, and released the single just weeks after their anniversary.

"We would have never dreamt of all the encounters 8 years would hold, but that's what makes us feel like #pioneers. Singing this song & filming the music video together was an empowering, full circle experience for us... and our hope is that it spurs you onward in love, forgiveness & reminds you of who you really are," Luke shared on Instagram.

Their debut single, "joy.", off of the upcoming album, Burn the Ships, charted on Billboard's All Genre Digital Song Sales Chart, a first ever for the band.

"Pioneers" and "joy." are now available with the pre-order of Burn the Ship.

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