New Metallica Film Shares Rare Stories of Christian Faith Linked to Deceased Member Cliff Burton

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(Screen Shot: Youtube)New documentary tells the untold story of late member, Cliff Burton.

A new documentary titled, "The Salvation Kingdom" featuring Connie Burton, the older sister of Metallica's iconic bass player, Cliff Burton, who tragically died while in the band, tells unreleased stories of the musician's life and time with the band including his faith journey.

"The Salvation Kingdom" documentary is a 94-minute movie, in which Connie shares in depth about her legendary brother. In it, she reveals her Christian faith and Spirit-led strength in coping with Burton's death, as well as overcoming personal substance abuse, incarceration, and more.

Burton was 24 when he was killed in a bus accident in 1986. The young musician played on Metallica's first three albums and was posthumously inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with Metallica in 2009.

The outreach documentary has already garnered over 62,000 YouTube views and the momentum keeps building. Because of the increasing need for Metallica fans to know more about the iconic heavy metal band, many of them are being drawn to the release. Many are also curious about Burton's sudden death.

"The movie covers all of the necessary basics of Gospel presentation and then some, with additional interview help from members of hardcore metal band digital PANIC, Classic Rock/Metal personalities from the 80s era, Church worship leaders, and music minded pastors," Simon Woodstock, the co-producer of the film said in a statement shared with The Christian Post.

The film seeks to answer the questions — "Who was Cliff Burton? What was he like as a child? What were some of his hobbies? Did he have any eccentric habits / behaviors? How often would he practice music? What were his beliefs about God, the spiritual realm, and the devil? How did he feel about satanism? What were some of the unknown influences on his music/lyrics? What did Cliff's sister talk to him about shortly before his death? Would Metallica have been the same had he never joined the band?" — and more.

The YouTube comments below the film have since been disabled but the movie's producer shared one particular comment with CP that he says really impacted him.

"This [documentary] definitely opened my eyes, [I am] not a Christian but want to believe and change so badly. life has not turned out how I expected, I've found myself in a very bad place and I'm trying to change. I thought you had a great message and a very entertaining video. I just don't understand the need for people to complain about the religious aspect, its right in the title. anyways, thank you for this and I wish you all well." Sola De Gloria!" the comment read.

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(Photo: Reuters/Andrew Kelly)James Hetfield of Metallica performs at the Global Citizen Festival at Central Park in Manhattan, New York, September 24, 2016.

Although Metallica has been linked to satanism, because some of their songs, such as "The God that Failed," allegedly promote Satanism or are against Christianity, the band's frontman, James Hetfield, told France's Clique, in 2017 that he believes in God.

"I believe in a higher power, yes. I don't know ... he, she, it ... whatever ... I see it everywhere. It is everything to me. And if I choose to see it, it makes me feel better. If I think I can do better [laughs], it never works," he stated.

Hetfield credited this higher power for saving his life after overcoming a very difficult drug addiction.

"The Salvation Kingdom," however, is way more intentional about sharing the gospel message of Jesus Christ in it's telling of the successful band and their late member, Burton.

To view the full documentary visit YouTube HERE.

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