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'Saints & Strangers' Showcases Miracles Preceding 'First Thanksgiving'

'Saints & Strangers' Showcases Miracles Preceding 'First Thanksgiving'

A scene from National Geographic Channel miniseries "Saints & Strangers." | (Photo: National Geographic Channel)

Kalani Queypo, who portrays Squanto, echoed Fisher's statements on the impact of faith at that point and time in history.

"Faith is something that actually comes up in every Q&A with the fan screenings. The idea of faith, because it does take faith in order to cross this ocean on the Mayflower and it takes faith to persevere. It took faith for Squanto in order to endure what he endured," Queypo stated. "I don't think he ever would have dreamed that all of these generations later people would be telling the story of Squanto."

Queypo went on to say, "Faith is what get's us through the toughest times and I think that humor is also something that takes us through the toughest times, and that's what I love about this film is that we get to experience full, multi-dimensional characters."

Nat Geo and the film's producers give a voice to Native American's that has not often been explored in recaps of American history. The film features the native tongue of the Wampanoag tribe, a language that has never before been spoken on screen.

"You'll experience this full journey and a full picture, as opposed to a device in a story where they're just like 'Oh let's just have these native people' and they're just pushing the larger story forward," Queypo continued. "We get to see these beautiful, artististic, colorful people who are just as much of the story and it brings a human experience to it and it challenges all of your thoughts of faith and what you believe in."

"I think that Squanto is somebody that every knows at least a thing or two about. They don't teach that in American history, the ... depth of his role. It somehow gets reduced in history. Whereas he was this amazing person that utilized all of these things. He's a diplomat," the Hawaiian actor concluded.

Like Queypo, Tatanka Means plays a native who spends a lot of time among the English. The warrior later converts to Christianity and plays a lead role in "Saints," and Means could not be happier.

"A lot of garbage movies come out about native people. That research isn't there, it's not historically accurate, but this was so well done with Nat Geo. A lot of integrity in it. I'm proud to be involved with it. This is right," Means gushed.

The Native American actor revealed that Nat Geo conferred with 10 advisors, as well as the Smithsonian, in order to gather accurate information.

Means celebrated that the eastern natives, particularly the Wampanoag tribe, would now be immortalized through "Saints."

"I'm glad it's being highlighted and that we're able to showcase the language as well. There's less than about two dozen speakers, but everybody is trying to learn. They're trying to preserve the language, and hopefully it will inspire kids to want to learn their own language," Means said. "All these characters are real, it's crazy to see them come to life."

"Saints & Strangers" airs Nov. 22 and 23 on National Geographic Channel at 9/8c. For more information, visit

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