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The Christian Post allows brands to reach a concentrated and targeted market of Christian readers.

Whether you need to build brand awareness, drive sales or increase traffic to your website, we bring in-depth knowledge and a personable approach to deliver relevant, engaging and informative content from your brand to our readers.

Why Christian Post?

Reach an Engaged and Loyal Christian Audience

The Christian PostReach

  • 6 M UV US
  • 615K+ Social
  • 1 M + Emails
  • 100 M+ Page Views

Testimony 1

I read it every single day!

– Pastor Greg Laurie

Testimony 2

Because the people behind The Christian Post are of noble character and believe in a Christian worldview, they produce wholesome 'bread' for their readers.

Rev. Mark Creech, Exec.
Dir. of Christian Action League of North Carolina, Inc.

Our Audience

  • 59% Female
    41% Male
  • 60% mobile
    40% desktop
  • 80% US
    20% International
Bar chart showing The Christian Post's user percentage by age:
  1. 6%: age 18 to 24
  2. 19%: age 25 to 34
  3. 21%: age 35 to 44
  4. 21%: age 45 to 54
  5. 20%: age 55 to 64
  6. 13%: age 65 and up

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