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37 best gifts for pastors

37 best gifts for pastors

9. Scrivener

Scrivener is a great tool for a pastor who is an aspiring author (or already is one). The program helps users to organize their notes, research and drafts until they're ready for publishing.

10. C-Pen Reader

(Screenshot: | (Screenshot:

This isn't a budget-friendly gift but for those willing to spend more, the C-Pen Reader is a portable, digital device that works as a dictionary and a scanner. Simply move the pen across the text and it will read out the definition or upload a block of text to a PC or Mac — making it easier for pastors to prepare their sermons.

11. Watch

Smartwatches can also serve as a generous gift for pastors. They usually feature fitness sensors, music, bluetooth, GPS, and other apps.

Fitbit Versa

Huawei Watch 2 Sport Smartwatch

Apple Watch Series 4 

12. Sermonary

A subscription to Sermonary could help pastors write and prepare their sermons with a bit more ease and in less time. 

13. External battery charger

Pastors are usually on call every day to tend to the needs of their congregation. An external battery charger could make for a helpful gift so they are never in a situation where their phone dies. 

14. Customized pen

(Photo: GiftTree) | (Photo: GiftTree)

Give your pastor a pen engraved with his or her name or a special message. You can combine it with the aforementioned notebook or it's great as a gift on its own.

GiftTree Custom Engraved Bettoni Pen

Wagner Swiss Roller Ballpen with Refillable Pen

Cross Calais Ballpoint Pen

15. Clip book light

For all that reading your pastor does, a clip book light would be great to give as a gift.

LuminoLite Rechargeable Warm LED Book Light

Ledgle Rechargeable LED Book Light Neck Reading

Mighty Bright Rechargeable Book Light

16. Calendars or planners

While some people use their phones to plan their days or months, many still prefer to write down events on a physical calendar or planner. Your pastor may be one of them.