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Question to make evolutionists reconsider

Question to make evolutionists reconsider

Unsplash/Robert Baker

Next time you’re discussing evolution with an unsaved friend over lunch, you could ask a few questions about the evolution of the chicken (or whatever it was before it fully evolved).

When did it evolve eyes, and up until that time, how did it see?

When did it evolve lungs?

Did it breathe before it had lungs?

If it didn’t, why did the lungs evolve if it was doing just fine?

When did air evolve with the right mixture of oxygen to sustain its life?

When did the brain evolve so that it could think, and therefore eat food to sustain its life?

When, how, and why did the food that it ate evolve?

When did it get an instinct to drink water?

When and why did water evolve?

The same questions apply for the pre-rooster. Did it evolve into a bird around the same time as the hen? Why did it evolve? Did the process take millions of years? How did the creature reproduce in the meantime? How long was its lifespan if the process took millions of years?

There are a few other questions about which evolved first—its heart, blood, or blood vessels. How did the heart work if there was no blood or blood vessels?

I’m sure, like most believers in Darwinian evolution, they will say that these questions show that I don’t understand evolution. That would be true. Nobody does.

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