Weekly briefing: Brandt Jean forgives, Supreme Court to hear abortion case, confronting abuse in church

Weekly briefing: Brandt Jean forgives, Supreme Court to hear abortion case, confronting abuse in church

The ERLC's Caring Well conference kicks off in Dallas, Oct. 3, 2019. | Photo: ERLC/Karen Race Photography

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The forgiveness moment in the courtroom that went viral

Brandt Jean, brother of Botham, who was shot and killed in his apartment by a then Dallas police officer, told the convicted murderer in court this week that he forgives her. He also said Botham, a 26-year-old black worship leader and accountant, would have wanted her to give her life to Christ. He then gave Amber Guyger a hug.

The moment triggered tears in the courtroom and inspired many, who praised him for his “powerful” Christian witness.

But it also drew criticism from those who argued that forgiveness should not stop the pursuit of justice — particularly “police racism.”

“This man is living out the gospel of Jesus Christ which goes against everything in our human nature. This could only happen by the power of the Holy Spirit and because he absolutely believes he will see his brother again.” — former NFL coach Tony Dungy

Read Botham Jean’s pastor’s reaction to the murder conviction of Guyger.

Supreme Court to hear first abortion case since Kavanaugh, Gorsuch confirmations

The U.S. Supreme Court announced Friday that it will consider a challenge to a Louisiana law requiring doctors who perform abortions to have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital. 

The case is June Medical Services v. Gee

The Center for Reproductive Rights contends that the Louisiana law would close every abortion clinic in the state except for one.

This marks the first abortion-related case to be argued before the Supreme Court since the confirmations of Justices Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch, both of whom were nominated by President Donald Trump and have given the court a conservative majority.

Southern Baptists confront church abuse crisis

The Southern Baptist Convention's Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission kicked off its conference on Thursday with a focus on confronting the sexual abuse crisis in churches.

Russell Moore, who heads the ERLC, told church leaders at the Caring Well conference in Dallas that responding to the crisis is not a “distraction” from the mission.

“The question is whether the Church will be shepherds. The question is whether the Church will stand for those who are vulnerable, or whether the Church will stand with those who will prey on them.” — Russell Moore

Court gives permanent custody of 3 American children to Norway’s child services

A child welfare court in Norway has awarded permanent custody of three American children, who were removed from their parents’ home this year, to the state child services agency.

Natalya Shutakova, the mother, said she is heartbroken.

“They disregarded my children's will to go home to mom and dad.” — Natalya Shutakova

Barnevernet is Norway’s controversial child protective services agency, which has received international criticism for removing children from parental custody and placing them up for adoption for arbitrary reasons.

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